<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/10/65/72/53/180427105695.jpg?t=1582781415"><br>40 Acres less than 10 miles off Hwy 377. BORDERS STATE LAND ON THE EAST SIDE. Very Private and Secluded yet easy to find. Must like wildlife, clear skies and playing outside!! Nice views, rolling, meadows and room to roam. Provide your own power with solar, wind and a generator back-up. Haul water from the co-op well or drill your own. Roads are county maintained except for the last 2 miles which are in very good shape. After you have driven 2 miles from the corner of Itasca and Coyote, look to the left for a path that goes about 800'' south--this will take you to the NE corner of the property.<br>